Room Heaters

Need a heater to heat a specific area?  We carry a full line of wall furnaces or space heaters as they are sometimes called.  The most efficient is the direct vent heater.  Direct vent means that you get your combustion air from outside.   This is important when you are putting a heater in a bedroom.  We have furnaces that will heat up to 900 sq. feet or more depending on your climate.

As with our other products, we sell only top quality first.  We want the customer to be satisfied years down the road.  Below are some of the brands that we carry.

  1. Empire Comfort Systems
  2. Rinnai

Some say, "is that it"?  Yes, these are the two best brands in America.   Our years of selling these has simply told us that these are the best.  These units are available in either natural or propane gas.  These are available in sizes ranging from 10,000 B.T.U.'s up to 65,000 B.T.U.'s.  This should cover most any application.  We can ship anywhere.


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