In a hurry for a home cooked meal?  Our Plentiful Pantry Soups are just what you need. 

We do the slicing and dicing and blend the spices & flavors to perfection.  You just add water and maybe some meat and say “Dinner’s ready!”  Your taste buds (and your schedule) will thank you for it.

Cheesy Enchilada
A slightly spicy thick and cheesy soup that tastes (you guessed it!) just like an enchilada.
#901 $6.00
A creamy chowder made with large pieces of potato with the skins left on.
#902 $6.00
Creamy Chicken Noodle
A rich and tasty old favorite.
#903 $6.00
Veggies and pasta in a wonderful Italian broth with just a hint of Sicilian spice.
#904 $6.00
Chicken & Dumplings
Just like Grandma used to make!  An entrée for 6 in just 20 minutes.
#906 $6.00
A slightly spicy tomato vegetable soup.
#907 $6.00
Corn Chowder
A creamy chowder done with sweet roasted corn
#908 $6.00
White Cheddar Asparagus
A rich and creamy soup with slices
of flavorful asparagus
#909 $6.00
Cheddar Broccoli
An all time favorite cheese soup filled
with wonderful broccoli
#910 $6.00
White Bean Chili
For the chili lover! Exciting new white
bean chili; quick & easy but tastes like
its been simmering all day
#911 $6.00
Sherried French Onion
Rich broth with a hint of sherry and
savory onions. Comes with croutons;
just add the water & Cheese, & enjoy
the classic flavor
#912 $6.00