Old World flavors meet modern convenience to produce the best of both worlds. Pizza Kit, Bread Dipper, and Sicilian Sauce Blends.

Pizza Kit
Each box contains dough mix, sauce mix and tomato paste to make one commercial style pizza that will rival the best pizza shop. The pizza dough rises anywhere, even in the refrigerator and may be refrigerated for over a week and frozen in a freezer bag for months. The pizza kit is simple enough for young children to make, great for a family activity, parties or gatherings of friends.
#600 $6.00
Bread Dipper
Shaker jar contains a wonderful spice blend to sprinkle over olive oil for dipping bread. Also great on pizza or tossed with pasta!
#700 $4.00
Meatball Mix
An old family recipe for zesty meatballs that are baked. These make REAL Italian meatballs. 50 Appetizer size or 24 large. Also great for meatloaf.
#601 $3.00
Spaghetti Sauce
A spicy red sauce made with or without meat.
#602 $3.00
Marinara Wine Sauce
A perfect blend of sweet and spicy, made with Burgundy Wine.
#603 $3.00
Vodka Cream Sauce
A mild but rich and creamy pink sauce made with parmesan cheese.
#605 $3.00