Perfect for any party.
Your Guests will think you spent hours making these flavorful dips.


Holy Moly Guacamole
Smooth & flavorful to compliment your favorite chips, veggies, and crackers
#501 Price: $3.00
Olé Chipotle
Subtle Southwest flavors blended to create a new taste sensation
#502 Price: $3.00
Hickory Dickory BBQ
Full of robust & smokey flavor for the BBQ lover
#503 Price: $3.00
Toasted & Roasted
Great combination of onion & garlic flavors.
#504 Price: $3.00
Add your favorite seafood and enjoy the zippy taste of horseradish.
#505 Price: $3.00
Okey-Dokey Artey-Chokey
Mild artichoke flavor combined with parmesan cheese
#506 Price: $3.00