Emergency Heating & Lighting

This is a Home Emergency Standby Kit for Cooking, Heating, Lighting, and Propane needs.

Kit includes the following Items
  • 1-15,000 B.T.U. Indoor Approved Heater
  • 15' Hose With Pressure Regulator
  • 2-9.5 Gallon Propane Tanks
  • 19-Gallons of Propane
  • 1-Gas Lantern 100 Watts (Mighty Lite)
  • 2-Packages Extra Mantle's (4)
  • 1-Butane GasMatch

Optional 2 Burner Stove 70,000 B.T.U. With the Above Items

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Emergency System for Heating, Lighting & Cooking

Heating for a 20X20 Room

  1. 15,000 To 18,000 B.T.U. Heater
    This heater must be A.G.A. certified for indoor use.  These units are equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor.  This is a vent free heater and can be wall mounted or used with a floor stand.  Always follow manufacturer's instructions.  These are approved for use in Utah!!
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  1. A single our double mantle lantern.
    Doubles are equal to 175 Watts.  The single "Mini-Lite" is equal to 100 Watts.  Estimated usage is maximum 15,000 B.T.U.'s. 
    Call for current pricing.
  2. Keep approximately 12 packages of extra mantle's on hand.


  1. A large 2 burner or 3 burner stove is recommended.
    Should be able to accommodate a dutch oven or 30 Qt. pot to heat water.  Estimated consumption with two burners on high is 30 to 50,000 B.T.U.'s
    Call for current pricing.
  2. Portable barbecue with cast aluminum shell (not tin).
    Estimated consumption is 12,000 B.T.U.'s
    Call for current pricing.


  1. Keep approximately 12 disposable tanks on hand.
    These will be used to power your lantern & barbecue if needed.
  2. We recommend either the 7 gallon or 9.5 gallon tanks.
    Maximum recommended quantity should not exceed 8 tanks.  These tanks should be stored in an outside storage building.  Never store or use a propane tank inside a dwelling occupied by people.
  3. A 7 gallon tank will give you 640,000 B.T.U.'s of energy.  A 9.5 gallon tank will give you 869,000 B.T.U.'s of energy.  Using the above items, you can figure approximately 4-6 days storage per 9.5 gallon tank.
    Call for current pricing.