Camping Equipment

We carry many of the things you will need to make your camping experience enjoyable.  Below you will find listed some of the items available from Casual Barbecue & Fireplace, Inc.
  1. Superb brand cooking stoves available in single, double, or triple burners.  Or large single & double burners (35,000 B.T.U.'s).  These stoves are built to last many hears and best of all, replacement parts are usually available.
  2. Lantern's from Century Primus.  Available in a single or double mantle light.   Ask about the mighty lite,  This compact light is capable of producing 100 watts of light.
  3. Griddles, built in Utah.  These are well built and will not warp or crack.   Available in many sizes ranging from 12x12 up to 16x27.
  4. Propane hot shower system.  This is a self contained system that is run on propane and has a rechargeable battery.  Simply immerse the pump into a lake or stream and you have instant hot water to shower with.  Very compact and worth seeing.
  5. Accessory post.  This device is a 30" post that attaches to your propane tank giving you three outlets to hook up such items as barbecue, cook stove, or even your lantern on the top.  We also carry the necessary hoses that will replace your disposable tanks.
  6. Tanks are always a concern.  We have the 1 gallon and the 2.5 gallon tanks that are easy to transport and store.  They are refillable.  Come visit us for a refill!!


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